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Two New Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 Devices Emerge

Nokia is set to be part of Microsoft in just a day or...

Internet Explorer 11 On Windows Phone 8.1 Benchmarked, Improvements Aplenty

For Microsoft, one of the more important parts of the mobile puzzle is...

Satya Nadella Will Join Microsoft’s Quarterly Financial Conference Call Today

New faces, new appearances. Microsoft is all set to hold its regular quarterly...

Tim Cook Believes Microsoft Should Have Launched Office For iPad Earlier

I am sure there are a whole bunch of people that hold this...

Windows 8.1 App Watch: TradingView

Windows enjoys some very solid roots in the business world. No other platform,...

Chinese Government Plans To Stick With Windows XP Citing Cost Concerns

Good old Jimmy Stewart would have said, “Well, this was always on the...

Surface Pro 2 WiFi Access Slowed Down By A Bluetooth Bug

Oh, Surface WiFi bugs, we meet again! Microsoft it appears still has a...

AMD Plans To Focus On The High End Tablet Market Exclusively

Hold the cilantro, please! When it comes to the tablet game, at least...

Over 1 Million Handsets Now Powered By Windows Phone 8.1

They said that the developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 was big,...

Are You Game For A Cloud Based Windows Operating System?

This week started with some bombastic news yesterday, when some early rumors about...
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