New Windows 8 pre-beta screenshots

So this falls under the “alleged” category. This weekend, screen shots from an “alleged” copy of Windows 8 pre-beta leaked all over the interwebs.

The pictures come from the website winunleaked and they appear to show advanced customization features. It appears that Microsoft will allow users to pick a custom background color for the Start Screen.

There is also a color slider (see below) that provides a number of different color for the Start Screen.

They are also asserting that you can use a registry change to change the color.


« ColorSet »=dword:00000000

Change value to 1, 2, 3 … to use another color set.

The other leaked screenshot shows Start Page application summary view.

windows 8  summary view

windows 8 summary view

This view allows Windows 8 users to group applications and live tiles into groups.

The image shows IM, Office and Multimedia groups for applications. This is similar to the IOS folder model a little bit.

These changes aren’t confirmed but stay tuned for more Windows 8 news and updates.

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