Will the Windows 8 Consumer Preview also have a US launch?

As most of you know, the Windows 8 Beta/Windows 8 Consumer Preview is scheduled for a global release sometime toward the end of this month.

There has been rampant speculation that it will be released at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview event being held in Barcelona on the 29th of February.

From TheNextWeb:

This just in: we have received an invite to an event in Barcelona, Spain, on the 29th of February, which Microsoft is calling its “Windows Consumer Preview event.” We assume that at this event the Consumer Preview will be demoed, and released to the general public.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I guess it just strikes me as a little odd that Microsoft chose Barcelona as the site of the launch.

Yes I know that the Mobile World Congress is being held in Barcelona during the same period but it still strikes me as a little odd for such a MAJOR event to be held far away from the US.

It makes you wonder about whether this reflects a more global approach to product launches or a diminished view of the importance of the US as a business territory.

Or both.

The web is going to go bananas when the software is available and I am just surprised that we are only 13 days away and no (simultaneous) US launch event has been scheduled.


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