IMPORTANT – If you are installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

As soon as you install Windows 8 Consumer Preview – DOWNLOAD WINDOWS UPDATES

This is important.

I was almost driven mad when I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Exopc Tablet today.

I am writing this really long review about my installation experience today and for some reason, the keyboard just would NOT show up at all.

I tried to set up my Hotmail account but on a tablet, it kinda helps when you go to an input field for the keyboard to pop up.

It wasn’t.

I tried everything and wasn’t sure if it was me, Microsoft or the maker of the slate Exopc.

After 2 wasted hours – here’s the issue.

There were several Windows Updates that were released today (5 to be exact).

Once those are installed, the nasty issues all melted away.

Now the slate is acting like a new machine.

A word to the wise…

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