Samsung will be getting into the Windows Phone 8 business as well

Samsung has indicated that they will be getting into the Windows Phone 8 space.

They disclosed this to Tech website Tech Radar.

Matt Brum, head of product management at Samsung, said that the company would be working with Microsoft to bring WP8 products to the market

at the end of the year:

“We’re very much still focusing on Windows, and still have products in that area. We’re committed to delivering their products going forward.”

In addition, Mr. Brum spoke about tablets as well..

“We’re very excited about [Windows Phone 8], as we’re one of very few manufacturers that can do the convergence story that we can – so the fact that Windows 8 covers everything from tablets to laptops to phones is very cool.”

Apollo is starting to stir up a lot of buzz…stay tuned for more on that..


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