What Does Windows 8 RC Need To Do Differently, If Anything?

Windows 8 tends to bring in a mixed set of emotions when you mention its very name to many ‘techies’ out there.

Some herald it is a new messiah that brings in a new age that will help the PC stay relevant in a world where PCs are loosing steam to tablets and smartphones. Others say it will destroy the PC and Windows as we know it, and that we should look forward to holding on to Windows 7 for another decade or so, just to avoid the travesty that is Windows 8.

I can’t say I’ve EVER heard of a version of Windows with more mixed emotions and opinions. Yes, there were Vista supporters and haters, but there a more clear-cut line on where people stood, with most standing against. Many technical folks, including myself, seem to dance back and forth on a fine line almost daily- do I love or hate Windows 8?

Ask me in two hours, I’ll probably have a different opinion then. Okay, that may be exaggerating a bit, but it seems that most of us are very undecided on Windows 8.

So what would help me, personally, become undecided and just simply support Windows 8? The biggest factor is that Windows almost seem like some awful Frankenstein monster, it has bits of Metro (like charms, etc) within the desktop but Metro also relies heavily on desktop for things like task management and more.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fall in love with Metro 100%, but I do know what bothers me about it right now. When I’m using Metro I constantly find myself being interrupted by the desktop experience. If I choose to use Metro than all task and file management should easily be able to get done within that environment no questions asked.

Honestly, I have less problems with Metro-like elements in the desktop than I do having to use the older desktop mode when I want to play around in Metro. The desktop feels old-fashioned next to the Metro UI and making tablet users, especially, have to experience that older feeling, non-touch environment for basic tasks is just a bad idea.

I want to be able to do EVERYTHING in Metro that I can do in desktop, except directly run regular desktop applications. The same pretty much should go for desktop, except directly running Metro apps, I want options as well, like direct booting to the desktop without the need for a 3rd party tool.

Do I need Windows start buttons or menus to be happy though? I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no reason to care about start menu in Windows 8. I simply want a more dependent Metro experience, when I want to use it. This might seem odd that I care about improving Metro when I find little need to use it. That’s because I see a lot of potential in Metro, I just feel like in its current form, it’s a little broken and not nearly as useful as it could be.

The more time I think about it, the more I feel that Windows 8 will do fairly well, long-term. Many will shun it at first, but in time it will win over users I believe. Service Packs could also easily address some of my own problems with Metro over the course of time.

What would you like to see that would make you more settled on whether you do or don’t like Windows 8?

Share your thoughts below.

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