EXCLUSIVE – Interview with a Windows 8 Megaleaker – Canouna of Winunleaked.tk

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll know that we get a lot of Windows 8 news and updates from the site Winunleaked.tk.

Winunleaked (run by a mystery figure called Canouna) has gotten tons of exclusive screenshots, leaks, builds and general information about Windows 8 way before anyone else.

I’ve always been fascinated by the site because the author seems to be deeply connected to very VERY sensitive Windows 8 builds deep within Microsoft.

Well over the past couple of months, I have been trying to get Canouna to go on the record with an interview for Windows8update.com.

This afternoon, he (or she) finally agreed to do a brief EXCLUSIVE anonymous interview.

My thanks to Canouna for this.

Here’s the transcript:

Onuora: Thanks for agreeing to do this
Canouna: No problem.

Onuora: Why did you start your site?
Canouna: I wanted to share what I know with the people who love Windows OS like me.

Onuora: Are you getting a lot of traffic?
Canouna: It’s depending if I post a news or not, I don’t report news like many other website, all my news are based on what I have in my hands, so this can be 20000 view/day to generally 6000/day

Onuora: How long have you been getting Betas?
Canouna: Since 3 years now, but collecting (leaked) betas since long time now.

Onuora: Why do you get Betas?
Canouna: Because I love it, this allows me to follow the full development of an OS, this is very exiting to install a build then discover what changed since the last one, what is fixed, what is secretly masked by microsoft, ect… also im a beta collector.

Onuora: What do you think of Microsoft?
Canouna: Heh, I think Microsoft is a cool company… a funny CEO and a maestro as president of the Windows Team.

Onuora: What do you think of Windows 8 so far
Canouna: Exciting, but not new at all, for me Windows 8 is just a Windows 7 with a kind of addon called Immersive/Metro, ect…Anyway, Windows 8 is a good product, based on a stable kernel, Steve, Sinofsky knows how to get success fastly and without major problems…

Onuora: What do you like about Windows 8?
Canouna: Finally a Microsoft OS who offer you a real pleasure to run it on a touch hardware!

Onuora: What do you hate about Windows 8?
Canouna: Nothing in general, just I hope to see back the “usertiles” seen on Milestone 1, 2 & 3 builds, with 3 buttons in more (Shutdown/Reboot/Sleep), it’s kinda boring to do that from the charmbar on a non-touch pc.

Onuora: How many sources do you have?
Canouna: I prefer keep that to myself.

Onuora: How fast is Windows 8?
Canouna: Windows 8 is fast like a Windows 7 SP1 hardly tweaked! Windows 8, even on Beta stage runs faster than Windows 7 Sp1, the Windows Team have done a really good job.

Onuora: What do you think of Software piracy?
Canouna: Well, like some games hacker teams say “Buy it if you like it”, so I follow this idea.

Onuora: What do you think of torrents and warez?
Canouna: Not much, they’ve been here since the beginning, and will be around until the end of the internet.

Onuora: Is Windows too expensive?
Canouna: Yes is it, it’s surely why people prefer use BIOS mods, loader or infinite rearm solution rather than goingf in to a store to buy the retail box.

Onuora: Anything you would like to say to Microsoft?
Canouna: Good luck with your next products and just for fun “hire me Steven!”

Onuora: Anything you would like to say to the readers?
Canouna: Thank you for the trust you have given me, and have fun with Windows 8! Take care of you all 😉

Onuora: Thanks for your time
Canouna: No problem

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