I want to get your opinion about Windows 8 – Good and Bad

So I want to try something a little different about Windows 8 on the site but I need your help.

We’ve been through the Windows 8 Developer Preview and been through the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I know that at this point, most of you reading this have an opinion about what Microsoft have done with Windows 8 so far.

That’s great – I’d love to hear them.

There’s one catch though.

Just a second

Just a second

I need you to cut out the BS comments. If you want to say Windows 8 sucks or you hate it just because, look around on the site and leave that comment elsewhere.

I’m trying to do something different here.

I think it would be cool to have a thoughtful, objective discussion about the things you like or don’t like about Windows 8 from what you know so far.

I need the comments to be substantive and thoughtful. Think about what you like and what you can’t stand and simply say why.

Pretend that the folks at Microsoft are reading this (which they probably will), what would you like them to know that they have done right or wrong?

I’ve created two different pages.

Microsoft is going in the RIGHT direction with Windows 8 – Click Here


Microsoft is going in the WRONG direction with Windows 8 – Click Here

Leave comments on either or both pages – up to you.

I’ll be watching the comments on both pages and heavily moderating.

Please share with your friends.. I’m trying to get as much detailed feedback as possible.

Thanks for your time…


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