Nokia Lumia 900 gets great reviews on Amazon


Pretty interesting to see what consumers are saying about the Nokia Lumia 900.

When you go to buy a Nokia Lumia 900 on Amazon’s wireless site, you also get to read some of the reviews from customers who bought the phone.

I took a sample of some of the reviews and they look pretty good.

Pretty impressive reviews from consumers.

You can see them for yourself here.

Now, would you buy a Nokia Lumia phone?

Use the comments below and let us know why or why not.

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  • Jan

    I want to buy, but in europe it is not available yet. But it should be in the coming days

  • Rug Ratz

    What about the issue that it is not going to be upgradeable at all?  You have the greatest thing “now” but when it needs a fix in 6 to 9 months, you’re out of luck?

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