Steve Ballmer has an 80 inch Windows 8 Tablet in his office


So well, let’s see. Apparently Steve Ballmer has an 80 inch Windows 8 Tablet hanging on his wall.

Microsoft Vice President Frank Shaw gave a few more choice details about the device.

“Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office. He’s got rid of his phone, he’s got rid of his note paper. It’s touch-enabled and it’s hung on his wall. It’s his whiteboard, his email machine and it’s a device we’re going to sell. Every screen should be touch, every screen should be a computer and should be able to see out as well as see in. That is the way the world is heading [and] those screens are going to be big, small, wall-sized and desk-sized,”

I’ll write a more detailed article about the concept (having an 80 inch Windows 8 screen) later.

Apparently Microsoft see a market for screens this size running Windows 8.

Apart from CNN and various international news affiliates, not sure who would want (or could afford) a screen of that size.

More on this later…

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