Windows 8 Final Review Part 6 – My Summary and Conclusions

So, the previous articles have contained a lot of information.

Windows 8 is somewhat of an enigma. Some bloggers think that Microsoft is trying to sell this OS directly to consumers and really doesn’t care about businesses.

I on the other hand see tons of business value in this OS if some of the aforementioned flaws are fixed.

Windows To Go will be a lifesaver for HR departments across the world and contracts within applications are amazing. If used properly, contracts will power a lot of enterprise applications going forward.

I like Metro and think it has a lot of potential. I have grown to accept and somewhat respect the “dual” desktop and Metro interfaces living side by side.

I think however that this whole endeavour is going to be Microsoft continuously walking on a razor’s edge.

  • If the UI isn’t tweaked perfectly, it will be hard to sell the value of this OS.
  • If the upcoming learning tools for Windows 8 aren’t useful, people won’t give this the time of day.
  • If UI best practices aren’t followed on Metro, it will look silly, clumsy and redundant.

There are 100 more things I could pick out here and there but ultimately, I think for me it comes down to the fact that Metro UI development needs to be more crisp and intuitive. There’s a lot of space on the canvas and it should be used respectfully.

This is my central beef with the OS. More than the Start button or anything else.

Until that changes and the entire OS feels extremely bulletproof and coherent, I will have to stick with Windows 7.

I have spent a lot of time getting Windows 7 configured just right and (like most people), I expect that it will take a lot to get me to switch.

For a while, this development may be inelegant and developers may stumble with Metro but ultimately I hope it gets figured out.

The Tim Cooks of the world are waiting to see this crash and burn.

I hope they don’t get the opportunity.

Well folks, that’s me.

What do you think?

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