Installation Issues And Bugs In Windows 8 Release Preview

When I first started up Windows 8 Release Preview for the first time it seemed to install right, but within 24-hours it locked up to a point I had to re-install.

I have researched this problem and it doesn’t seem to be something that has happened to many people, though I know I’m not completely alone with this issue.

I would assume driver/hardware conflicts, but the funny thing is all worked well on the second attempt to install.

A much more common problem (or likely a ‘bug’) does exist out there though, and it has do with a CPU conflict.

The most common installation issue I researched has to do with attempting an install only to get the message “Your PC CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8”.

This seems to be a common problem with some users. There have been some users that have had luck fixing this issue, but apparently it isn’t always so easy.

Microsoft recommends checking to make sure the following BIOS items are enabled on your CPU: Physical Address Extension, NX and SSE2.

Honestly though, most BIOSes are going to have these features on by default if your processor supports them. If your processor doesn’t? It’s way to old to run Windows 8 Release Preview anyhow. It might not be a bad idea to update your BIOS though.

Will this guarantee that the problem is solved? Not at all, in fact, it seems this only works for a select few. The strange part is that these same users were all running Consumer Preview without a hitch.

Microsoft says it is likely a bug that they will fix before final release, but honestly, this just really bugs me (no pun intended).

Okay, I realize this isn’t a finished product BUT there is likely less than a half year now before the final product hits store shelves, shouldn’t all of this be just a little more smoothed out by now?

Another issue worth noting is that I was able to install Consumer Preview inside of Ubuntu using VirtualBox but Release Preview just locks up.

I’m not going to fault Microsoft for that one though – it could just be that VirtualBox isn’t updated to handle it yet.

The bottom-line is that installation and performance issues need to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

I like the direction Microsoft is going in with simplifying the operating system in Windows 8 (with Metro) and have confidence that Windows 8 will be well received eventually, even if there will likely be initial criticism and scepticism.

Like I’ve said before though, the way things are looking, and with the release so near, it is more than possible that Windows 8 will get off to a somewhat rocky start until the first major patch or two, or even the first Service Pack.

I’m curious, anyone else ran into my installation problem, or the CPU install bug mentioned above?

Had any virtualization issues or maybe even an error that I didn’t mention that either made your install not work or made the performance of Windows 8 not work so great?

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