Is Windows 8 Really a Multi-tasking Operating System?

Windows has always been a multi tasking operating system – an operating system where you can do multiple tasks at the same time.

But with the coming of Windows 8, I seriously doubt whether Windows will remain a multi tasking operating system.

Why? Let’s see.

The new metro interface introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 is primarily to run Full screen apps.

They wanted the user to make use of every inch of their screen(as they posted in B8 blog). So they introduced a feature called Metro.

They also introduced a feature called snap in Windows 8. But is it of any avail?

Sadly the answer is No.

The snap feature enables the user to run one app in 3/4 mode and one in 1/4 mode. With this feature the only thing one can do is use messenger or play media files while working on another app. That’s it. Nothing more than that. But the users need to do more work at the same time than using a messenger.

What strikes my mind is why don’t they allow one app to take half of the screen so that other app could be used in other half ? With this feature One can watch a YouTube video on half of the screen while writing an article on the other half of the screen or can view a webpage with carrying on other works. This is a very essential feature for power and business users as they have to keep track of various things at the same time.

Also one major drawback with snap feature is that it needs a minimum resolution of 1366×768 to work. So, the users who’s monitor’s resolution is less than that won’t get even that feature. So, no Multi tasking for them at all.

Is this the Windows we all love and care about??

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