Macbook Pro: A Gigantic Answer to Ultrabooks

At WWDC keynote event, Apple launched the new Macbook Pro. Macbook Pro is  extremely sleek and powerhouse in terms of configuration.

It has a retina display with a resolution of  2880×1800 which will really blow your mind. It is just 1.8 cm thick and weighs only 2 kg.

It has also got a 786 GB SSD storage. Also it promises a battery life of about 7 hours and a 30 days standby time.
With this launch Apple has created a lot of problems for Microsoft and for the Ultrabooks. Ultrabooks have a good configuration but after having a look at the configuration of Macbook Pro, they seem very small in front of it.

The 2800×1800 resolution and the Retina display, make Ultrabooks feel very cheap when compared to the Macbook pro. Microsoft has worked very hard with hardware vendors to bring some breathtaking devices.

But what we saw at the WWDC conference made me feel that Apple has done significantly  better work than Microsoft on the devices. The success of Windows 8 depends to a large extent on the kind of devices that are launched with it.

Apple on the other hand is working on Mountain Lion and with these kind of devices it is setting up the ground for it.

Microsoft will have to do something quickly here.

They should talk with the vendors and motivate them to bring new Ultrabooks with some breathtaking configurations(Like the ones Apple have). Also they should emphasis the vendors to make some great looking and really  thin Ultrabooks, if they want the PCs to rule.

This was my take on Apple’s reply to Ultrabooks.

What do you think?

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