Microsoft to charge tablet OEMs $80 for Windows RT?

Windows RT is the ray of hope for Microsoft to lead the Tablet market. But before that can happen, hardware vendors will have to pay a hefty sum to get Windows RT, according to a new report.


Tech site VR-Zone reported yesterday that it recently spoke with several tablet vendors at COMPUTEX.

In the discussions vendors hinted that Microsoft could charge them between $80 to $95 to get their hands on Windows RT.  If this news is correct, then Windows RT tablets will cost above $500 which will be costlier than many android tablets available in the market.

I think that in order to lead the Tablet market, Microsoft will have to lower their charges for the vendors so that they can can come up with some cheap tablets which could provide a threat to Android tablets out there.

What do you think?

Are Microsoft charging much more than they should?

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