How Difficult is Windows 8 for the average user?

Windows 8 is a hybrid operating system from Microsoft which is meant to scale to all the devices that you use regardless of the form factor.

It is designed to be fast and fluid and a lot of fundamental changes have been done in Windows 8.

But the question that strikes my mind is how difficult Windows 8 will be to use for an average user?

Windows 8 will certainly be tough to get used to for the average user.

Here is why:

The All new Metro Interface

With Windows 8, the average user will face the new Metro interface for the first time.

Getting used to the metro interface will require a lot of learning and spending of time.

I think this is something which will totally confuse the user when he will see it for the first time.

Being clueless what these square boxes are and what they do, the average user will have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.

Even if he wants to switch to the desktop he will have to figure out how to reach there.

No option of booting directly to the desktop

This is a feature that both average and power users would want. Not everyone is a metro lover.

A lot of people still love the desktop and would like to use the legacy apps, staying away from the metro ones.

For them giving an option to boot directly into the desktop is very essential.

This will save a lot of time of an average user, as it will reduce the time it takes to reach the desktop from metro.

No Start Button


Another decision that will make the experience of an average user more difficult and frustrating.

Since Windows 95, users have used the start button and start menu for a variety of functions.

Suddenly removing the start button will confuse a lot of people, leaving them hopeless how and where to start from.

Also the shutdown option has been moved to the power settings in the settings charm which was earlier in the start menu (and could be accessed using start button).

This makes it difficult for an average user to discover.

I have seen a lot of people struggling hard to shut down their Windows 8 PC.

Removal of Aero

An average user wants his PC to look beautiful. That is one of the major factors of success of Aero in Windows 7.

Now with Windows 8,it will be difficult for them to get used to the classic theme.

So these are some of the things that makes me feel that Windows 8 would be a lot more difficult for an average user and will force them to think twice before upgrading.

What do you think?

Will switching to Windows 8 be difficult for users?

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