A great Windows 8 Explorer Concept

This concept was found on WinUnleaked, and it got my attention as soon as I saw it.

This concept is truly awesome and this is what we want the explorer in Windows 8 to look like.

If the explorer looks like this, it will help in metrofying the desktop explorer and I am sure metro haters will also love this.

Here is a larger version of the image

This concept image was uploaded by  “RAM_Fatal1ty” and is far better than what Microsoft is doing with the look of explorer.

As you might know, that Microsoft has decided to remove Aero from Windows 8 and they will introduce a classic desktop instead of the Aero.

This decision has created a lot of hype all over the net and many bloggers have criticised this decision of Microsoft.

Also a few days back some screenshots of the new desktop look of Windows 8 appeared over the net but this concept outplayed all the other concepts even the Microsoft’s one.

I found this concept rocking.

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