Outrage! – Samsung is the first OEM to make an "enhancement" to Windows 8 GUI

So I just wrote about the new All In One’s that Samsung will be rolling out soon.

In doing research for that, I noticed something curious.

It seems that OEM’s are now free to “help” consumers with the perceived complexity of Windows 8.

Samsung are releasing something called an S-Launcher.

From Mashable:

The all-in-one PCs Samsung unveiled this morning are the first Windows machines to sport the S Launcher, a simple widget that acts just like the old start button: Click, start typing (say “keyboard”) and it instantly shows you the settings and apps that relate to your term. There’s also a separate settings icon for quick access to the most commonly needed controls.

Sure, Windows 8 has native ways to search your system and call up settings, but as others have observed it’s not always in the most intuitive places. To anyone who’s been using Windows for a long time (read: the whole world), Samsung’s S Launcher is like seeing an old friend in a new country — it’s very reassuring. 


Samsung S-launcher

Samsung S-launcher

This is a BIG RED FLAG for Windows 8 as far as I am concerned. I have absolutely no idea how Microsoft let this go.

It seems like Redmond has absolutely no message discipline and consistency when it comes to some of these Operating System features.

Here’s the deal and this is real simple, it’s binary – Either:

  1. Windows 8 RTM is good enough for consumers as-is OR
  2. Windows 8 RTM needs help and it’s not quite good enough

Even though I have disagreed with some of the key components of this Operating System before, I have been grudgingly impressed by Microsoft’s full speed ahead attitude.

  • Start menu – Gone.
  • Boot to Desktop – No.
  • New name for Metro – Yes.

I didn’t agree but respected the (pseudo) decisiveness.

Now, here we have what may possibly be the crack that begins the narrative – Windows 8 needs help.

When Stardock make a third party application to bring back the start menu, you shrug and say “well, that’s a third party app”.

When Samsung, a Microsoft “partner” is allowed to “help users out” by augmenting Windows 8, it sends a DISASTROUS message to the world.

It says Microsoft does not believe that Windows 8 is good enough – PERIOD.

Can you imagine an Apple product with an “enhancement” from a third party? That would be absurd!

Once you let Samsung do this, then IMAGINE what types of other BS launchers and enhancements will be added by other OEM’s?

This has to stop!

I am predicting that if Microsoft doesn’t stop this crap ASAP – it will be the end of any perception of Windows 8 as a paradigm shifting Operating System.

OK, my rant’s over – what do you think?

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