Windows 8 has nearly 8000 apps, but developers aren’t that excited to bring their apps to Windows 8

Okay, Windows 8 and RT don’t have nearly as many apps as their rivals. Putting that aside, having close to 8000 apps from day one is still pretty dang impressive. What do people expect, 100,000+ on launch day?

Sure, Microsoft could have done more– if they wanted nothing but crappy apps flooding the store. As it stands, Microsoft’s Windows Store has some pretty decent offerings. Yes, we are missing out on a few of the ‘biggest name’ apps out there, but even some of the less-known app developers on the store seem to be producing pretty decent stuff.

That being said, Windows 8 just isn’t having an easy time attracting developers, something that anti-Windows sites love to point out. According to a new IDS Can Appcelerator survey, only 33% of developers are very interested in developing Windows 8 apps.

Honestly, is anyone shocked? This is a huge change for Windows and both consumers and developers are uncertain of how well the OS will do. Ultimately, Microsoft will need to lead the pack with great 1st and 2nd party apps. Setting the example is key.

As it becomes clear that devices like the Surface are selling well, more developers will jump in. The new Windows UI isn’t harder to develop for than alternatives and has a lot of potential.

We need to stop worrying about apps. They will come. Even if they don’t surface right away– half the things we need to do on a Windows 8 and RT device can be done right from the cloud. With so many Internet applications available to fill in the gaps for now, why does it even matter? I personally can not afford a new tablet right now, but when I do, it will be Windows RT or 8, that much I know for sure.

Microsoft has show us that they can step up the amount of apps pretty quickly and I am fully confident that Windows 8’s low-app count will be a thing of the past in under a year. What do you think, does the lack of apps even matter at this point?

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