I’m not going to be able to do a full review until sometime this weekend but I wanted to say a few words about the Microsoft Surface I just picked up.

Umm first of all, people who read this blog know that I have been very skeptical and critical of Microsoft about the execution of a lot of things.

For this, I say WOW.

I am very impressed with the look of the device, the feel of the device and so far, the performance.

I got the Type Cover and not the Touch Cover and I’m glad I did. It’s a very terrific keyboard.

The screen quality is fantastic and it feels very good to hold and touch. Unlike my friend Tim Cook, I think this car may fly and float and so far, it seems to do both very well.

I have been using it as a tablet and then snapping the keyboard on and putting it on my knees. It works great there too.

It looks like just the perfect size device to do lots of work on a flight from one location to another.

It will definitely give the iPad a run for it’s money FOR SURE.

To all the OEM’s who may read this, be afraid. This device seems so well made that Microsoft have ZERO reason not to start making phones, laptops, desktops and servers.

To anyone on the fence about getting this device, if you can afford to, head out and pick one up.

I can already tell that my MacBook Pro will be history as soon as I can find a photo editing app for this thing.

Stay tuned for more this weekend.

One more thing, I absolutely DID not expect to like this device as much as I do. It has just the right look and feel for a multi-purpose device.

Not light enough to be flimsy and not heavy enough to be a burden. Microsoft may have a winner on their hands.

More this weekend.

UPDATE – Full Review here

Optimizing Windows 10 eBook
  • JT

    I’d like to see some performance benchmarks before I rush out and by one. I also want up wait for a Facebook app.

    • voleheart

      People app

      • JT

        I’m waiting for a native Facebook app.

    • A FaceBook app would be nice huh? It will come though…

  • I knew you would like it. I’m using windows 8 Pro and I love it. THE best operating system they have ever made.

  • CodeMonkeyG

    Running windows 8 Pro as well and I really love it! Even after running on the versions since developer preview I must say Windows 8 is the future of REAL computing. I am waiting for the Surface Pro but I will be first in line when it comes out.

    • I have to wait and see whether there is an image editor for Windows RT.

      • 123321

        windows store just opened a little bit ago… wait 3 months and you’ll get every app you want.

  • voleheart

    looking good Onoura!! finally turned to the right side 🙂 jk jk. gotta love ya!

  • Arnold


  • How is the screen in sunlight?

  • Onuora, I’ve been following your coverage since the early beta and I enjoy your articles. I just upgraded from RP to the full version and I love it. I’ve loved it during the beta and even more now. The one thing I’m looking forward to is picking up a Surface RT and a PRO to replace my aging Lenovo T61 (currently writing this on it). I agree OEMs should be afraid.
    My question to you… what do you think of the built in Facebook integration and does Windows 8 really NEED a standalone app? I don’t think it does.

    • It needs a Facebook App. I like the Windows 8 FaceBook integration but…

      • I’ve been playing around with it for the last 5 hours… time sure flies! The What’s New section in People is awesome. I can reply to tweets, facebook updates, post likes without having to load the Facebook site. That’s really all I care about.

      • 123321

        yep. it definitely needs a fabebook app. i hope it ‘ll come soon. also a official youtube app would be nics

  • L.J.

    Dare I mention Microsoft’s penchant for attracting virus’s, or has the Surface been miraculously inoculated against them??

    • Those are a fact of life. Nothing to do with the Surface one way or the other…

    • Sorry dude since Microsoft security essentials has been free i have not had any virus on any of the PCs we run on campus we are not so big we have 20

      • Funny you said that cos me too have not had any viruses at all using same free app from uncle MS. I only had to reinstall windows once because of my triple boot up and even so the re-install was great too. I do have one complaint i was hoping that Ms would bring in new file system but they didn’t so there is no loss there. I enjoy the second screen support .it works out of the box.

    • Daniel Gray

      Dont start this again. MAC has quite a few viruses out there and in the wild, and in fact if my memory serves me there was a major security shock at Mac not a long time ago (within the last 6 months) that darn near killed their OS as hackers found a way to introduce viruses without MAC’s OS ever knowing they did. and even CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team, the same people who cover the nuclear warships and bases computers from attack as well as the US Governments) have stated over and over again that there is a major rise in the number of viruses made exclusively for just MAC computers. I guess when you go around bragging about how you are supposedly virus free, people are going to take you up on the challenge and prove you wrong. I mean my God even 2600 (the hacker quarterly magazine) is having over 20 pages of new MAC hacks and new viruses they warn you about. Not to mention Maximum PC shows a simple bypass to get into a MAC and have complete control over the computer with a few keystrokes, even if it is passworded. SO before you start beating up on MS, start looking at the mob attacking MAC and how it is growing by leaps and bounds.

      • Absolutely spot on. the rule is this: you write a code anyone else can decode it (even if takes time)simple as ABC

  • Hey Onuora I have been running win 8 since the first preview and i love it (no need for start menu) MS has been right all the time, and the surface is really a kick in the ass for apple you can do everything ipad can plus more like converting into a laptop .. its just fantastic what a simple idea like a Kickstand can do (so simple yet so powerful) hey the idea is so old that our photo frames have a Kickstand since grandma.. 🙂

  • Bolo

    Wow.. I must say I’m shocked u really like it, but its confusing because some tech analyst dont like it, why is that.. are their reviews based on facts or they are clouded by personal dislike of MS + de love of Apple?

    • Who knows?

      Everyone sees things a lot differently…

  • kane

    glad you loved it , waiting for your full review.

  • RyanI

    Totally agree. Just got my surface and I’m blown away. I’m not sure what all the reviewers were smoking, but this thing is awesome.
    Perceptions of Microsoft are going to change very quickly.

  • Thanks mate . i am looking forward to your test. I am using windows 8 enterprise and pro and to be honest i haven’t booted windows 7 or Macosx nor ubuntu for over 1-2 months now. Of course i am using start up shell which works fine for me so no complain so far

  • Can someone be kind enough to post a working video of 10 or more minutes of what this RT is all about? Thanks

  • xinu

    @Ammalgam:disqus How do you find the 16:9 aspect ratio for the surface. Do you find it to be uncomfortable when used in landscape as a tablet and a little tall when used in portrait?

  • Dagnut

    Do you know if RT can browse your home workgroup shares? I have a few windows 7 pc’s and even a windows home server 2011 and want to know what I can and can’t browse when looking for data files in that workgroup. Thank in advance!

  • Ben Symington

    Well well Onuora, I am, to say the least, very surprised.
    The entire time I have been reading “My first impressions” and “the first 24
    hours” I could not help but smile!

    The reason for this as I am sure you have guessed is due to
    the sceptical approach you have always had towards MS and their products. There
    has been many a time I wanted to stop reading your blog but you still have an
    objective, if not sometimes biased, opinion on products, but that’s life.

    A big shout out from South Africa and let it damn well come
    here now! We are hungry!