Security Company Says They have Found a Major Windows 8 Exploit

Windows 8 has just arrived and already one security company claims (via a Tweet) to have found a major exploit that can pretty much break the whole experience. Before you get too excited, the company claiming this is Vupen.

For those that don’t know, this somewhat controversial French security company is known for finding problems with an operating system and then selling said information to those willing to pay large sums of money.

While this is a way to make a living, the problem is that their approach is much different than the rest of the industry. Usually if you find this kind of problem you at least alert Microsoft. No you might not give away the fix, but you at least tell them the problem.

Vupen only tells us this security exploit affects both IE10 and Windows 8. Microsoft is touting Windows 8 as the most secure version yet with new improvements like UEFI, but one thing remains true: if there is a will, there is a way.

Hackers like to rise up to challenges and every time Microsoft puts out stronger security, the hackers out there fit back equally as hard.

Here is what Microsoft had to say, “We saw the tweet, but further details have not been shared with us. We continue to encourage researchers to participate in Microsoft’s Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program to help ensure our customers’ protection.”

I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the vulnerability. What I am wondering is what businesses and governments have made the switch to Windows 8 so early? While there have been quite a few upgrades to Windows 8 already, I would wager that these upgrades have mostly been for personal users.

Good luck trying to get an average Joe like myself to pay for the information regarding this alleged exploit.

What do you think?

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