Windows Phone 8 could eventually see the addition of a Notification Center

Notification centers on smartphones have become rather commonplace in most of today’s mobile operating systems.

Unfortunately, with Windows Phone 8 you might get amazing live tiles but there is no one collective place to go when notifications disappear in order to re-read them and react to them.

In iOS and Android, a pull-down menu services as the gathering ground for all notifications that popped up.

While live tiles make the need for a similar service less important, there have still been many Windows Phone users in the past that have called for Microsoft to add a feature like this somewhere on their phones.

According to Microsoft’s Thomas Fennel, Microsoft understands that this a feature that many users would like to see and he basically said that they were working on the possibility of such an option but simply “ran out of time”.

Fennel says that this is something that they are thinking very hard on going forward and could find its way into a future Windows Phone 8 update.

Let’s put this question out to our readers– could Windows Phone benefit from such a feature or do you feel that it is largely unnecessary as long as you have live tiles enabled for all your most important apps?

Are there any other features found in competing platforms that you wish would come to Windows Phone or do you like the OS as it currently stands?

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