Windows 8 Deployment Survey Conducted, 23.3 Percent Plan to Skip Windows 8 Altogether

A new survey has been conducted that was composed of 1200 IT employees. What was it about? The survey asked about various company plans for Windows 8. Things like “who is upgrading, who isn’t”. The results? 23.3 percent plan to skip Windows 8 altogether.

As for the rest of the results, 49.9 percent has no current plans for a Windows 8 upgrade and 11 percent do plan to launch the new OS in their company but don’t have a specific time frame in mind. The survey says that 41.4 percent of those polled said that the organization was skipping out on the upgrade in large part of the new touch-based UI.

How bleak is this news? Well, Microsoft wants Windows 8 to go off with a bang for consumers and business users alike, but I think the Redmond giant understands that this is a battle that they have to fight slowly. Just because businesses aren’t that interested in Windows 8 yet doesn’t mean they won’t be as Windows 8 popularity grows.

Additionally, Microsoft likes to think long-term. If they don’t win these companies over with Windows 8, there is always Windows 9. Too many surveys out on the net are trying to paint a grim picture about the future of Windows 8. The new OS has just got here and the marketing campaign is just beginning…. it’s still a bit too early to call the OS a hit or a failure.

What do you think, will most businesses skip Windows 8 entirely? Instead will many businesses have Windows 8 devices intermingled into Windows 7 networks— which Microsoft actually suggests?

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