What No Print Screen Key in Surface!

One complaint I have is the lack of a Print Screen key function. As an ingrained user of SnagIt (I know you can’t install programs on the Surface) I find the lack of a decent screen capturing a body blow.

I know you can use Snipping Tool but this is a poor substitute for SnagIt. On a regular PC running Windows 8 you can use Win + PrtScn to capture a screen. This is then saved in the Pictures Folder as a numbered screenshot.

There is a way around this! It involves using OneNote.

1. Create a new workbook.

2. Open OneNote.

3. Name it.

4. Minimize OneNote.

5. Use this shortcut combination, Win Key + S, drag over the picture or text to be copied.

6. Maximixe OneNote.

7. Select Copy to Clipboard.

8. Paste the copy into your document.

Note: One problem with this method is you have only one copied image at a time whereas in the regular Windows 8 each time you use Win + PrtScn a copy is stored in the a sub-folder called Screenshots in My Pictures folder.


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