Some Microsoft Surface RT users reporting volume muting problem?

Whenever a new product comes out, there is almost always production issues and other bugs to deal with. For Apple, there have often been complaints about things like heat issues (3rd gen iPad) or scratching and scuffing problems (iPhone 5).

What’s going wrong in the world of Microsoft? It seems that some users are reporting that they are experiencing audio issues with the Microsoft Surface RT.

Apparently the Surface RT doesn’t like some users music taste or something, since it is apparently muting itself. To get the sound back, you simply hit the volume rocker up again.

This isn’t a HUGE deal-breaker and is likely fixable– unlike potential heat and scratching issues found on competitor devices.

So what’s causing the problem? Apparently the Touch Cover might be the issue. Microsoft’s forum moderators are currently advising anyone who runs into this problem to contact Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch or Type cover.

They don’t say why it is causing the problem, but that’s where they believe the issue resides.

Keep in mind that it sounds more like an occasional problem than something that is plaguing everyone. Likely an issue with quality control when producing the Surface covers.

Again, these kinds of launch issues are common for EVERY company that produces hardware and software– the most important thing is how quickly and effectively a company addresses and fixes the issue.

It looks like Microsoft isn’t ignoring users’ problems and quickly looking to fix the issue at hand.

What do you think? Do you have a Surface RT with a touch or type cover? If so, any issues with your volume muting?

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