Microsoft Too Optimistic In Thinking XP Users Will Upgrade To Windows 8

Perhaps the biggest challenge that Microsoft faces after the release of Windows 8 is convincing users (particularly business users) to make the move to the latest OS. And coincidentally, this also remains one of the hardest of challenges for the Redmond giant.

Universal (or at the very least widespread) acceptance of Windows 8 in both consumer and business realms will not just boost the sales figures, but will also drive up application development for the new platform — emphasis on the word ‘new’, please.

Windows 8 biggest enemy is Windows XP. The trusty old horse still has a few laps left in its legs, as the 11-year old OS holds its position as the second most popular operating system on the planet.

This is second most popular, by a long distance, mind you.

Besides being fast and (relatively) stable, Windows XP has rooted itself in most businesses the world over. Companies, small and large, are so content with the OS that Microsoft has a hard time convincing them to outright abandon this platform.

For them the jump to Windows 8 is, big, for the lack of a better word. Analysts believe that most consumers and businesses would prefer Windows 7 as their next upgrade. The Service Director at Freeform Dynamics, Andy Buss, spoke to The Register:

“It’s a big jump from XP to Windows 8. Some people will make the leap if there is a real need but many will simply move to Windows 7. Based on past experience we would expect a slow take up of the new operating system and for a few years we’d expect adoption to be modest with many companies hanging back.”

Basically, Windows XP users will not upgrade to Windows 8 just because Microsoft is telling them to.

This gives new meaning to the term, ‘enemy within’. In fact, in this particular case, we are talking about enemies within — those who can hold back will still ride the Windows XP wagon for another year or two.

And those ready to upgrade have their eyes set on Windows 7.

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