The shocking results of our Microsoft Surface Pro Poll

So last Friday, I asked you guys to tell me whether you would buy a Microsoft Surface Pro and opened up a poll last week.

The results were VERY interesting.

As of this morning, almost 1200 of you had responded – Thank You Very Much.

To set the context again, the Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 8 will be out in a month or two and will start at $899 with no keyboard and around $1050 with a keyboard.

When asked if you would buy it, you guys responded this way:

  • 20% of you said you would buy it and thought it was great value
  • 20% said maybe and you needed to see it first.
  • 60% of you said it was too expensive.
Microsoft Surface Pro Poll Results

Microsoft Surface Pro Poll Results

So there we have it. The Surface Pro is too expensive.

I thought this might be the case.

The Surface RT is beautiful and is very well constructed but when you factor in the following:

  • It’s new
  • It has few apps in the Windows Store
  • It doesn’t run legacy desktop apps (Windows 7, XP etc)
  • It runs a new OS (Windows RT)

, selling at a premium doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The Surface Pro is also very beautiful and well made but when you factor in the following

  • It’s new
  • It has a smaller screen than competitors (laptops, Ultrabooks)
  • $1000 can get you an AMAZING deal on competitors
  • It runs a new OS (Windows 8)

, selling at a premium here (at least initially) doesn’t make much sense either.

What would I sell the Microsoft Surface for?

Well thanks for asking.


I have always thought that Microsoft should have sold both the Surface RT and Surface Pro at VERY competitive prices.

I thought the Surface RT should have started at $399 with a Touch Cover thrown in. I would have priced the Surface Pro at $699 with a Type Cover thrown in.

In a very crowded tablet market, I think the best way to compete with the iPad and others would be to offer a very beautiful alternative (Surface) at a very affordable price.

Microsoft should make purchasing these tablets a no brainer.

Consumers have to think a long time before they spend $1000 on anything, especially in more challenging economic times.

What about at the Enterprise Level?

I do think that the Surface Pro might do very well at the business or enterprise level.

If Microsoft is able to offer companies a really good deal on these tablets, they will do very well.

With the exception of the 4 hour battery life issue, these are the tablets that businesses have been waiting for.

I can see executives taking these on the road instead of iPads. I think for a plethora of reasons (compatibility, form factor, Windows Store, Modern UI, Security etc) it just becomes a no brainer to use these in businesses.

I think some Microsoft Enterprise sales people are going to make a LOT of money over the next calendar year.

That’s my take.

What do you guys and girls think?

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