My issues with Windows 8 on my PC

I had to go back to Windows 7 on my desktop PC.

Not because I don’t like Windows 8, but because I was having a freezing issue where I to do a hard reset to be able to get Windows 8 up and running again. The issue is intermittent so its hard to reproduce it.

My PC is about 4 years old which I built myself. With my basic specs being:

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M750SLI-DS4
  • Processor: AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core Processor 2.60 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB Patriot 800 MHz
  • Video: EVGA Nvidia Gforce GTX 460
  • Hard Drives: 1TB Western Digital and a Seagate 300GB

I did testing of my RAM, hard drives and DVD drive and they all work well. Everything seems to work well except that Windows 8 freezes.

I’ve written Microsoft (I’m not going to pay for support) and they gave some suggestions but none worked.

I’ve contacted Nvidia and they said it may be a chipset issue because they don’t have chipset drivers for Windows 8 for my motherboard.

I still have Windows 8 installed on my other hard drive in case I do actually find out whats wrong with it, but until then I had to downgrade.

I do find myself missing Windows 8, the fast booting, some of the live tiled apps, and the volume indicator.

I don’t think I can blame Microsoft for changing the driver structure (if that’s the issue), If they didn’t Windows 8 might not boot up as fast as it does on older hardware.

Nvidia and/or Gigabyte probably won’t make drivers or a new Bios to fix the issue.

Its on older hardware, I’m probably one of the few that attempted to put Windows 8 on this configuration. I’m just a victim of circumstance and will probably have to stick with Windows 7 until I get a new PC.

If I find out anything on how to fix my issue I’ll let you know.

Has anyone had any similar issues with Windows 8 on older hardware? If so use the comments down below.

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