Surface Makes The Most Overpriced Gadget Of All Time List

Not just of current time, folks, all time! All time, they say!

While the cheapest model of Microsoft Surface is available for only $499, it still is enough for the tablet to earn it a place in the Top 15 Most Overpriced Gadgets of All Time list.

The ranking was published by Laptop Magazine, which suggests that Microsoft’s first ever slate features a worse screen than the iPad, lasts an average of 5 hours less than it on charge, and has only a fraction few apps, even though both tablets come with a similar price tag.

Some scathing comments from the report:

“However, you may want the Surface because of its heavily-advertised Touch Cover keyboard, a must-have accessory that will set you back an extra $119, even though it costs Microsoft only $16 to manufacture. That’s $619 for a new, unproven tablet that trails the $499 market leader in most ways”.


Welcome back from your trip to Mars!

In reality however, the magazine failed to mention that the Surface offers 32 GB storage in the same price tag. The iPad starts at 16 GB for the base model.

Yes, I know, only half of Surface storage is available and the other half taken up by Windows RT, Office RT, and other built-in apps. But it goes without saying that the available storage capacity can easily be expanded using an external option like an external drive or microSD.

The cover, while heavy on the pocketbook, provides a bunch of functionality and effectively turns the Surface into a full featured computer (running Windows, nonetheless). And this is something which the iPad cannot claim.

I do not intent to imply that Surface is the finest tablet available at the time of this writing. Far from it, as a matter of pure fact. But it still nowhere near at the level of the most overpriced gadgets of all time.

Now, the Surface Pro, starting at $899, is another story altogether.

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