88% of ‘Meet Your Match’ Participants Prefer Windows Phone, Says Microsoft

When it comes to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has centered its efforts on the “Meet your Match” campaign, which takes place across the US, UK, Germany and France. These challenges put consumers against the Windows Phone team to see if their competing phones can can compare to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

Now it seems that Ben Rudolph has shared a bit of information about how these matches have turned out. Out of 75,000 challenges and demos, 88% of the people who took part in the challenge and the survey involved afterwards indicated that Windows Phone was a better match for them then their current device.

So what exactly does all of this mean? As we already know, Windows Phone 8 is gaining popularity in a way that Windows Phone 7 never did, but its hard to say how long this momentum will keep going. It could last for years into the future and escalate Windows Phone 8 to a solid position in the market. OR it could end up fizzling out.

The 88% achievement related to the Meet your Match challenge is a good sign, but let’s not assume that means that these same people are all going to rush out a buy a WP8 handset. Why not? Most are probably on contracts right now.

At this exact moment, Windows Phone 8 is looking pretty exciting to them, but with a year or two away from their next phone– who knows what we catch their fancy when they really do have the chance to make a switch.

If Nokia, HTC and other Windows Phone 8 partners keep up the good work, let’s hope it is still Windows Phone that these individuals prefer. The future of Windows Phone is certainly unwritten, but I’m excited to see how Microsoft does going forward.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8? Anyone switched from another platform besides Windows Phone 7, if so what was it that made you give the newest version of Windows Phone a chance?

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