Interesting new infographic from Pokki – Windows 8 Start Menu statistics

So, if you’re Microsoft, surely there’s a point when you realize that this is ridiculous?

I haven’t been shy about saying that the absence of  a start menu and the insistence on making users deal with the start screen are hands down two of the biggest problems with Windows 8.

Company after company continues to offer patches and fixes to these problems and still Microsoft seem to ignore these issues.

Check out this VERY interesting infographic from Pokki that discusses some of the usage stats for the Windows 8 Start Menu.

Some of the points of interest:

  • They had half a million downloads of their Start Menu in the first week.
  • They point out the rise in Google search data for the phrase “Windows 8 Start Menu”.
  • A stunning 85% of their users also configured their product to disable the Start Screen.

What do you guys think about these stats?

Pokki infographic about the Windows 8 Start menu

Pokki infographic about the Windows 8 Start menu

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