Windows 8.1 Does Not Allow Users To Disable The Start Button

Microsoft has brought back the Start button in Windows 8.1, even if its primary function when clicked is to take users to the Start screen. But familiar button with the Windows logo is back indeed.

Still, contrary to what most people expected, the new operating system is missing an option to disable the Start button. Meaning there is no way to get rid of the Start button and go back to the standard Windows 8 desktop UI.

As noted above, the returning Start button does not launch the Start Menu — instead it gets users to the Start screen, which itself has been tweaked and enhanced with several new customization options.

Right-clicking the Start button launches a small menu that was also included with Windows 8, but this time it comes with a few extra actions like Shut down and reboot.

Additionally, users are allowed to boot directly to the desktop and skip the Start screen altogether if they want. And as reported earlier, there are options to enable the App View mode whenever the Start screen is launched — a good option for users that do not want to see the Live Tiles interface.

There is a distinct chance that Microsoft will be keeping an eye on user feedback for this particular change. There is a gap of few months between Windows 8.1 Preview and final version of the new operating system, and who knows, Redmond may still include the option to disable the Start button.

What is your take on this? Is it good to go with this rigid approach, or should Microsoft allow users to make the choice of enabling or disabling the Start button. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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