Windows RT 8.1 Preview Also Gets A Batch Of New Updates

As was recently reported, Microsoft rolled out a new update for computers that had installed the Windows 8.1 Preview, trying to fix some of the issues and bugs that were reported by users.

In fact, Windows 8, Internet Explorer and other software products along with both the Surface RT and Surface Pro received new updates — leaving only the Windows RT 8.1 Preview the odd one out. But now Microsoft has also revealed a batch of new updates for its tablet oriented operating system.

A few of the patches are aimed at fixing performance and stability issues found in the preview version of the OS, while some others are specifically designed to address problems with features.

The fixes are, obviously, delivered to Windows RT 8.1 Preview devices via the integrated Windows Update tool, meaning all you have to do is just connect your tablet to the Internet.

Microsoft has not detailed Windows RT 8.1 in exhaustive depth, but the upcoming upgrade is said to pack many of the same features that are part of the desktop version of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Insider sources have hinted that the final build of this operating system is on track for an August release, and new products powered by the OS could hit the store shelves just before the start of the important holiday shopping season.

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