Microsoft Should Keep Both Windows 8 And Windows 7, Says Analyst

Redmond is doing a grand job of juggling two of its operating systems together, with Windows 8 and Windows 7 both being positioned towards users and businesses that are planning to upgrade from older versions of the OS, particularly Windows XP.

And even though Windows 8 is taking up most (almost all) of the advertising spotlight, Windows 7 still remains a pretty fine choice of many users that want a more familiar working environment.

This is why technology analyst Jeff Kagan believes that Microsoft should keep both operating systems alive and allow customers the choice of going for a traditional desktop UI, or the more advanced Metro interface of its latest platform.

In a statement, Kagan explained:

“Can Microsoft save Windows 8? Let me be clear. Innovation is key. That’s the secret sauce. However it’s more than just innovation. It’s taking care of customers. And that’s where Microsoft is failing.

Microsoft needs to focus on keeping customers happy and innovating. Since Windows 8 is a total re-write, and since many customers prefer Windows 7, my recommendation is they keep both. Let the user choose the operating system they want. Don’t force a round customer into a square hole.”

Round customer into a square hole, interesting way to put it!

Microsoft, nevertheless, seems very keen to make Windows 8 the primary choice for its user base around the globe. The software titan would be hoping that the platform increases its market share exponentially soon after Windows 8.1 hits general availability.

What is your take on this? Would it be worthwhile to keep Windows 7 in the mix, at least for the foreseeable future, at least for business users, or should Microsoft solely focus on its latest offering, Windows 8? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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