Windows XP Continues Losing Users In November, But Where Are They Heading?

In news that would surprise few but delight many, Windows XP continued shedding its user base in the month of November. Make no mistake, it is still a very popular operating system less than six months before its official retirement.

An official retirement that has already been delayed once in the past.

But this time Microsoft seems put — it has made it clear that support and patches for the old operating system are set to stop come April 8, 2014. In fact, Redmond and its partners are spending good money trying to spread the awareness and help users migrate to a newer version of Windows.

And the efforts seem to be paying off, bit by bit, percentage point by percentage point.

The latest statistics from StatCounter for the first 25 days of November 2013 reveal that the Windows XP user base is slowly jumping ship. At this point in time, it is installed on some 19.31 percent of computers the world over, down from 19.44 last week.

This, as you may gauge, is as substantial a drop in the span of seven days the OS has seen. And while it is not terribly major, it shows that users have initiated the transition to another operating system.

To which operating system you may ask? Well, Windows 8 usage seems to be down to 7.51 percent from 7.54 percent a week back, while Windows 7 has kept steady its market share at 51.8 percent.

So this means two things — either some users have made the move to Windows 8.1 directly and it is yet to show up in numbers, or some of them are choosing competing platforms like Mac OS X or Linux. A third scenario could be that some have chosen tablets, including ones based on Windows RT.

I guess we should have a better idea in the next couple of months.

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