Unboxing – Sony Vaio Tap 11

So I had a few tablets, computers, phablets whatever sent to me to review and I am slowly getting to all of them now.

The first one I am unboxing is the fabulous Sony Vaio Tap 11 tablet/keyboard/stylus combo.

This 11.6-inch tablet has a kickstand and a detachable keyboard. It’s also extremely thin, promises plenty of battery life, and comes in at just $799 for a Pentium processor and $999 for a more powerful Intel Core chip.

The Specs

Here, Sony is using a new Haswell Y-series chip, which is specifically designed to bring notebook-level power to tablets.The notebook is also available with a Core i3 or a Core i7 processor configuration, and the less powerful Intel Pentium 3560Y.

I’ll do a review later but I wanted to show you the hardware.

It has a 128GB SSD, 4 Gigs of memory and has an 11.6 inch screen running graphics at 1920×180.

I was very impressed by the look and feel and this unit is running core Windows 8.

Where to Purchase

Sony – VAIO Tap 11 11.6″ 2-in-1 Touch-Screen Laptop – 4GB Memory – 128GB Solid State Drive – Black

The Photos

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