This Chart Shows The Full Windows Market Share Story In 2013

Numbers probably never show the full story, but when it comes to market share statistics, they do a darn good job of revealing what is going on and how exactly.

Microsoft is currently busy with three operating systems — the popular Windows 7, the aging Windows XP and the shiny new Windows 8. And this chart above from StatCounter provides a pretty good picture of where things are and where they are heading.

This monthly breakdown of the three desktop operating platforms shows that Windows XP is still powering some 19 percent of computers the world over, some 90 odd days until it is retired. It is 19.79 percent to be exact, a dip of 1 percent from the 20.53 percent of November 2013.

Redmond wants this number down to a much more manageable 13 percent by April 8, 2014, and as things stand it just may have a pretty good chance of doing just that.

The Windows 7 story is equally engaging.

From the sudden highs of April 2013, the world’s most popular operating system has stayed steady or dropped occasionally — none more so than during the final month of last year. Meaning? The fortunes of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 are closely intertwined.

Microsoft’s modern platform has had a steady accent to its credit even if its line has straightened out towards the end of the year, in anticipation of Windows 8.1, by all accounts.

Forget shooting for the stars, but if the Modern operating systems combined end up where Windows XP started last year, then that should go a long way in silencing the critics, and laying to rest the doubts.

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