Nokia Will Launch A Single Flagship Handset For All Carriers From Now On

Nokia, in a bid to rebuild its relationship with US carriers launched specific phones for each of them. Although the strategy is not without merits, it has rarely worked seamlessly.

Delays (where is my Verizon exclusive Lumia 929?), imperfect marketing and other such hiccups are a common sight in this approach, and the Finnish company is aware of this. Going forward, the company plans to change tactics and streamline the launch of its flagship handsets.

There is the small matter of the completion of Microsoft’s acquisition (which should be done by this first quarter of the year), and chances are that this new approach will be put into effect after that.

Nokia’s executive vice president of smart devices, Jo Harlow, explained that a single flagship handset might be launched through all major carriers in the US in the near future.

Having a single smartphone launching on all networks at the same time should prove better for everyone. It will also help in expediting the new firmware and software updates, at least for popular flagship handsets.

Speaking of which, the executive also revealed that shipments of Lumia devices should continue to increase this year — though specific numbers were not provided.

The Windows Phone platform began 2013 as a contender for the third place mobile platform, duking it out with BlackBerry, and thanks to Nokia’s imposing performance found itself solidly overtaking its competitor in a number of markets.

This year will be all about extending this good run of form, and strategies like this will only help.

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