Mobile PC Market Dipped By 9.4 Percent In Q4 2013

There is a things called counting your blessings. Mobile PC makers probably are doing just that right now, as the latest facts and figures of global notebook shipments have just come out.

Overall there is more sorrowful news to report, as the market declined by another large amount.

The numbers published by IHS iSuppli indicate that even with analysts lowering their estimates for the fourth quarter of 2013, the shipments failed to reach the goals — the total amounted to 52.6 million units, a fair bit shy of the 55.3 million that was hoped for.

In the words of Craig Stice, director for compute, servers and storage at the research firm:

“Things were looking positive for the fourth quarter of 2013 after the third had come in on target. The introduction of new platforms and the arrival of Intel’s new-generation Atom processor Bay Trail were expected to enable a new entry-level pricing point for the PC market not seen since the netbook.

But with the consumer PC market struggling, PC vendors proceeded to maintain a conservative buying plan for the holiday season with attempts to keep inventory levels lean. As a result, entry-level PCs did not make it into high volume for the holidays, and overall shipments underperformed the initial heady outlook.”

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom, surely not.

That is, if you take into account the quarterly rise of 9.4 percent compared to the previous three-month period. Granted, the third quarter of the year is not always the most eventful when it comes to sales and shipments of notebooks and laptops.

But 52.6 million units sounds a lot better than the figures of 48.1 million attained in Q3 2013.

Still, several PC vendors have shifted their attention to affordable table devices powered by Windows. And with the arrival of affordable notebooks under the $299 mark, we can expect some improvements.

Not the glory days of the recent past, but some upshots of cheer, hopefully.

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