Microsoft Compares Windows XP With Windows 8.1 In New Chart

Microsoft is playing the final innings for Windows XP. While most companies usually support their software for around five years, Redmond has gone plus five, and then some.

Windows XP has been in the spotlight for 12 glorious years, give or take. An eternity.

And in order to further convince users to upgrade and move to Windows 8.1, the company has rolled out a comparison chart with the intention of explaining just how much the newest version of Windows is better than the fan favorite (but ancient) operating system.

As this useful little chart shows, Windows XP is no longer capable of supporting most of the current computing and web technologies. Surprise? Hardly.

Here is what Microsoft has to say on the matter:

“Get a new touchscreen PC and you can still work with a mouse, keyboard, and the Windows desktop the way you always have. Use virtually any printer. Programs that work on Windows 7 work on Windows 8.1. All the basics, from startup times to security, are better than ever.”

The only thing Windows XP can do almost as well as Windows XP is that it offer the familiar desktop, works with a mouse and keyboard and software programs like Word, Excel and Outlook can be installed and run on the decade old platform.

But this is where the similarities (and capabilities) end.

Windows 8.1 then takes charge, as it brings support for apps, is built for touch enabled PCs and tablets, keeps and syncs settings and apps across all devices, has the Start Screen, and starts up faster.

A little oversimplification, but it’s a legitimate strategy to convince users that are on the ropes.

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