Windows Phone Remains In HTC Roadmap, New Handsets On The Way

If there is one Windows Phone partner this side of Nokia that can turn things around, it’s HTC. Huawei has other things on its mind, while Samsung seems rather impassive (for now) when it comes to new Windows Phone handsets.

HTC, on the other hand, boasts the second biggest market share when it comes to Windows Phone devices, comfortably two or three times that of Huawei and Samsung.

But while Microsoft very recently made it official that it had signed up nine new hardware partners for its Windows Phone platform (everyone from Lenovo to LG and ZTE), the future strategy of current hardware partners remains rather vague.

Sure, Nokia will bring around a bunch of new smartphones in the next few months, but what the other three partners are cooking up has remained stuff of rumors, up until now.

Nevertheless, out of those three, HTC has lifted the veil of ambiguity, and confirmed plans to launch new HTC Windows Phones. This was confirmed by Jason Mackenzie, the president of HTC America, who settled the matter saying that the platform remains in the company roadmap.

As to when we can see new Windows Phone powered smartphones from HTC, though, there is no indication. Chances are that they might arrive in the second half of the year.

Microsoft plans formally announce Windows Phone 8.1 at the BUILD developer conference in April, and it is very likely that HTC (along with other partners) will consider launching new device soon after that.

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