Microsoft Said To Be Developing Internet Explorer For Android

Whoa, did not see this coming! Microsoft continues to bet big on Internet Explorer on all three platforms where Windows is available — desktops, tablets and smartphones.

But it seems that the company has some ulterior motives. Mysterious hints coming from the grapevine suggest that Redmond is developing a version of Internet Explorer for other mobile platforms in order to reach a wider audience and expand the horizons of its web browser.

An Android version, it is said, could be a real possibility.

If this happens then this could turn out to be one of the bigger projects to come out from the House of Windows in the near future. Then again, developing something is fine and dandy, but convincing users to install and use it is usually the business end of things.

Google Chrome is right now the number one choice for Android users, and IE will have a fight on its hand if it launches on this mobile operating system.

Microsoft, will obviously, have to show the benefits of the Android port of Internet Explorer, more so because there are other popular choices available for Android users. But if the software titan differentiates IE on mobile truly well, including privacy features, then things could get interesting.

What are you guys thinking? Come on, speak up!

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