Lenovo Said To Be Working On Colorful New Miix 3 Tablets

Great things are expected from a company that hovers around as the first or second largest PC manufacturer in the world. And Lenovo, it appears, is aiming for just that.

The company unveiled new models in its Miix line of tablet at CES 2014 earlier this year — confusing naming aside, the Miix 2 10 and Miix 2 11 have been well received. These hybrids allow users to switch between tablet and laptop modes thanks to their removable keyboards.

And just months into release of these two devices, Lenovo is said to be thinking ahead.

Word is that the company is already working on the Miix 3 line of tablets, without wasting any time whatsoever. These new devices will keep the hybrid capabilities of earlier models in this line, and as the image above shows, Lenovo is going in with a colorful approach for the Miix 3 line.

The combination of vivid orange and deep black looks smashing!



Of course, these are just rumors for now, and the devices might turn out to be new color options for the Miix 2 tablets, but in any case, we should find out what Lenovo is planning in the coming months.

With the way things are going in the world of Windows, consumers need as much choice as possible.

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