Microsoft Might Call The Next Version Of Windows Simply “Windows 8.1 Update”

What’s in a name, you say? The technology industry is notoriously flirtatious when it comes to product names and codenames, and even model numbers. Just take a look at the inventory list of any PC hardware maker, and you will get the drift.

Now, many have marked the upcoming refresh of Windows 8.1 as Update 1.

While Redmond has referred to it as the Spring 2014 Update in the very recent past, a leaked document shows that the company has prepared a different official designation for this update that is set to bring a major set of improvements to its flagship operating platform.

Microsoft, it seems, is calling this just “Windows 8.1 Update” — no signs of Windows 8.1 Update 1, Spring Update, Feature Pack, Service Pack, or even the more adventurous Windows 8.2.

Now while this chosen designation is not by any means surprising (or well, official), it does hint that this might be the only major update that Windows 8.1 will get. The software titan will probably go straight to its next full operating system version, which many believe is Windows 9.

As is usually the case, the company is not willing to comment on these third party reports, but more information is expected in the coming weeks as we inch closer to the April unveil.

So what about you fine folks? Ready to move straight to Windows 8.1 Update?

Or would you have preferred a fancier name? Let there be comments!

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