Windows XP Users Have No Idea What They Are In For, Says Analyst

Windows XP end of support is coming in just a month and then some. 33 days to be exact. And one expert is of the view that users that stick with the ancient platform have no idea what they are in for.

Now this much is clear that not everyone is in a rush to upgrade — surely not these people.

Mark Brown, the director of information security at EY thinks that this is a critical moment for users of the second most popular operating system out there. It is important for them, for everyone, to work together and upgrade their computers to a newer OS version:

“Hackers will use this as an opportunity to take advantage of those organisations that have not got their house in order. Far too many businesses are asleep at the wheel over this issue and this could mean valuable consumer data being at risk.”

Well, it’s not just the businesses that are at risk.

Organizations and industries, institutes — in fact, everyone is at risk here, because Windows XP could soon be an open door for hackers to run lose. The sheer magnitude of all this is scary.

Go down from Windows XP and older operating systems (like Windows 98, 2000, and Me), while even more volatile, do not have a large enough user base for them to be worthwhile to cybercriminals. But even a 1 percent market share point for Windows XP means tens of millions of connected PCs.

Tens of millions of connected, vulnerable, PCs. Sitting ducks that could be used for anything!

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