Microsoft Has Made Windows XP End Of Support Notification A High Priority Update

In the final phase of its drive to upgrade Windows XP users to a newer, more secure version of Windows, Microsoft has started delivering update notifications right on their desktop.

News about this first came out last week, whereby these notifications are made possible via an update delivered to Windows XP installations. The idea is to make sure that all Windows XP users are made aware that the operating system they are running reaches end of support in April.

Well, less than a month to be exact — April 8 is almost here.

However, as this screenshot shows, Microsoft has made, what it calls the “Windows XP End of Support Notification” a high priority update in order to make sure most users download and install it.

Logical step, one might be inclined to say, very logical.

Anyway, if you are in the process of upgrading (or are brave enough to stick with Windows XP after the end of support deadline) then all you need to do is block the KB2934207 bulletin in order to avoid seeing any notifications on your computer. Or computers on your network, for that matter.

Besides, Microsoft will also provide a way to disable the notification after installation, so no big deal. It’s not like Windows XP users will be bombarded with popups to upgrade, thank heavens!

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