Skype For Windows 8.1 Updated With Important Bug Fix

The Modern UI port of Skype for Microsoft’s modern operating platform became the default instant messaging tool on Windows 8.1, replacing the previous Messaging app that was available on Windows 8.

Since then, the app has received a few updates and enhancements.

But one pesky little issue had been nagging Skype users — a bug that made the app continue ringing on synced devices, even if a user had already answered the call. Good thing is that this important problem is now part of history with Skype 2.6 for Windows 8.1.

The official Skype blog has all the details:

“When you pick up a call on any device and your modern Skype is on, the incoming ring will stop much faster. Whether you have Skype on a mobile, in your inbox, desktop, tablet or 2-in-1, Skype calls will sync up wherever you choose to take the call from.”

But that’s not all this new version of Skype for Modern UI comes with.

Synced chats means that users that are running the app on multiple Windows 8.1 devices will now get their conversations synchronized on all of them — smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, everything.

Users can continue the conversation from where you stopped, and of course, the client also offers the ability to send an instant message to someone even if they are offline. They will get the IM the next time they sign into Skype.

This new version of Skype is now being rolled out via the Windows Store, and you can also download the app manually if the update is yet to show up on your Windows 8.1 device.

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