Watch What’s New In Windows 8.1 Update 1 In This Video

Yet to deploy Windows 8.1 Update 1? Waiting for the official launch? If you’re the type that prefers playing it safe when it comes to things like these, then you’re in luck.

A video has popped up that goes over everything that is new in this version.

The next flavor of Windows is said to be on track for an early April launch, but links were spotted on official Microsoft servers late last week. As a result many users managed to download and install this pack of updates before release.

And now this new clip aims to set things straight on the main improvements made to Windows 8.1 Update 1 — also known as Windows 8.1 Spring 2014 Update, at least by Microsoft.

These include new tools for the Start Screen, context menu options in the Modern UI, as well as dedicated options to pin Metro apps to the taskbar, a feature that was one of the first to leak.

But less talk, more action, as they say, so here you go with the video clip:

It is a short and snappy clip, coming in at 5 minutes and some, but it does show how Microsoft is using this pack of updates to bring along some much needed features for keyboard and mouse users to its modern operating platform.

And they are intelligent improvements — the Start Screen power buttons on tablets are hidden, for instance to prevent from accidental shutdown, for example.

Watch the video above, and if you have already installed Update 1, then let your thoughts be known in the comments section. Does this new feature pack for the OS addresses some of your concerns? Is the overall experience much more well-rounded this time around?

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