Firmware Updates Incoming For Surface 2, Surface Pro And Surface Pro 2

More Surface news. Patch Tuesday is here, and Microsoft has just announced that three of the four Surface tablets are getting new firmware in this round of updates.

The Surface 2, along with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 will receive support for the Power Cover that has just gone live for preordering, and is on track to start shipping March 19. This one was a given, but the slates are also getting some new improvements.

Surface Pro 2, for example, gets enhanced support for Miracast, faster response for the touchpad, to go with improved stability and experience for the standard Surface Covers.

The same touchpad improvements are also coming to the Surface Pro, but Microsoft has also fixed critical bugs in the tablet that should make the device more reliable for users.

Not the one to be left behind, Surface 2 gets improved multiple finger support on the touchpad, along with a fix for the critical issue that made the tablet fail to wake up from sleep — this one was a bit of a widely reported problem, and looks like it is fixed once and for all.

The full details are available on update history page, while the firmware is set to be delivered via the integrated Windows Update option on the tablets. Just make sure they are properly charged first.

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