Microsoft Faces Opposition In Korea Over Nokia Takeover

Microsoft may have won over authorities in the US and the European Union, but it has had to face some criticism against the deal in some of the other important markets across the globe.

News came out earlier this month that Google and Samsung were pressurizing the regulatory body in China, and now it appears that Redmond’s Nokia takeover is also experiencing some problems in Korea where a local organization is asking the FCC to revise the terms of the deal.

According to this report, the Korea Electronics Association has submitted a petition to the body amid concerns that Microsoft could use patents it buys form the Finnish company against competitors.

Now where have I heard this before?

Anyway, this usage of mobile patents and selling them at a higher price to competition is not unheard of in the world of technology. As Hwang Eun-jeong, Korea Electronics Association’s lawyer put it:

“As a mobile phone maker, Nokia rarely exercised its patent rights because of its cross-licensing with Samsung Electronics, Apple and the like, but now it can launch patent lawsuits or demand an increase in royalties without any limitation.

At the same time, Microsoft can expand its mobile phone business while keeping Samsung and Apple at bay by utilizing Nokia as a sort of cannon fodder.”

Ifs and buts, people, but the fact remains that Microsoft is not actually purchasing all Nokia patents. It is only acquiring its devices and services business, and will license the patents for a limited time.

Microsoft is yet to issue any statement on this, but if this keeps up, then it just might.

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